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Cloudrino Is Helping India Access Powerful Cloud Infrastructure At Affordable Costs

The ability to have massive amounts of data hosted at secure locations and to be able to get to it at a click, from virtually anywhere and any device is what is making Cloud Technology so popular.

The technology is good for many things except just cloud hosting data, and some of the uses include getting a ready-made test and development environment for developers, IT infrastructures for companies, data backup, disaster recovery etc.

The Concept

Enter Cloudrino — One of the first start-ups of its kind in India, that is changing the way this technology is harnessed in the country by giving full control to the users themselves — and yes, we are talking about rebooting and reinstallation too.

Founded by Mohit Madan and Tarusha Mittal, who one day decided to set-up their own data center, the company provides a range of cloud infrastructure solutions that are quite unique in the degree of control offered to the clients. The company provides a host of services such as virtual desktops, online servers and as Tarusha puts it “almost any cloud related need, within 30 seconds”

The Tech 

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The emergence of cloud has offered viable options to both developers looking for a test environment and companies looking for an IT infrastructure, but unable or unwilling to set up the whole system from zero. Cloudrino is looking to step into this space and provide cloud based solutions to both developers and small and medium businesses without a tech background.

For developers, it will mean the end of the worrying about securing a budget, setting up the environment through physical assets, and instead allow them to focus upon the development itself, while it will potentially allow small and medium businesses to make use of a host of advantages offered by possessing an IT infrastructure, without having to go through the hassle — and considerable expenses — of obtaining the physical infra.

Again, users have complete control over every aspect of the service.

Users get complete control and root access to their cloud server and they can perform any operations on it as per their need, which includes rebooting, reinstallation etc. You can upgrade and downgrade your server with just a click.

The company also boasts of an easy to use graphical interface.

With our extremely easy to use graphical interface, even the most complex infrastructures can be managed with just a few clicks. We want cloud solutions to be used and be at the fingertips of everyone.

However, an easy to use Graphical interface is not the only place Cloudrino is a cut above its competitors.

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While the general trend among companies offering cloud based services has been to usually have one or two large data centers within a country, Cloudrino has shifted its focus to having several small data centers and nodes. Among the several benefits of having multiple data centers and nodes is a greater efficiency with the data collection of emerging IoT space.

Interestingly, the company has also used some extremely innovative “jugaad” techniques while setting up its centres showing that start-ups are about a lot more than just investments. Mohit talks about some of the methods used to get around the heavy expenses that are usually the norm while setting up data centres.

The Delhi DC that we bootstrapped was built using e-waste. We took old chasis and upgraded their processors, RAMs and installed new SSDs on them. As we are bootstrapped, we did not install precision cooling, instead we used water cooling. To make sure that hot air does not keep in the room, we retrofitted our racks with exhausts. We use two window ACs, working alternatively, round the clock to maintain the temperature.

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For remote rebooting, the company decided to go with the relatively inexpensive and malleable Raspberry Pi instead of the pricey APC powerstrips. Also, while the beta users can install and manage vanilla machines, the alpha users are already testing one click apps like wordpress, owncloud and openvpn, among others.

Cloudrino currently has nodes in India and USA and deploys multiple virtual servers — all managed by a simple graphical interface — and is working to integrate OpenStack and CloudStack into its systems to better manage the massive amounts of data the company hosts. VZ containers, KVM and Xen are also among some of the other technologies that are being used to test scalability at the moment, for the company after scaling its product, has its eyes set upon offering it to medium and large corporations in the future, as a software license.


The Future

Apart from scaling the technology, Cloudrino is also working to make itself more generally available. Towards that end the company hopes launch a Windows version of the Linux-only platform, in the first half of the next year. The company currently provides its services to several companies including prominent names like Tech Defence, Faaya, Indiashopps, Bibo engineering etc.

To register for a cloud based account on the platform, simply go to, choose your plan, enter your details and that’s it. The company currently sells packages starting from $5 all the way upto $200 depending upon your requirements. There is also a free Alpha pack which offers, 512 MB of RAM, 10 GB Storage, 100 GB of bandwidth and 1 core 1 IPv4 & 1 IPv6.

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