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Quora Claims 80 Million Monthly Actives, Half From The US And 15 Percent From India


Quora, the Q&A forum for getting the community to answer your questions, believes that it has 80 million users out of which, 40 million are from the US and another significant chunk — 15 percent to be exact — are from India.

The numbers are courtesy Quora founder Adam D’Angelo, who said,

We have about 80 million monthly uniques. About half are from the U.S. and 15 percent are from India. But, we don’t focus much on these numbers because we usually optimize for quality and that comes with a tradeoff against volume.

However, despite the not so impressive headcount, users are still unsure if the numbers even now, represent a fair picture.

In fact as a not so subtle user hinted,

Considering that most people I know are active Internet users but don’t use or visit Quora, I find this unlikely. Are you sure there’s not a problem with your counting method, or that you accidentally reported the wrong statistic?

However, the founder stands by his statements and says that the said person may have talked to people earlier, adding that Quora has grown over that time period.

We’re pretty confident in our data, If the people you sampled were random Internet users you’d expect 90 percent of them not to use or visit Quora so I think your experience is consistent with the data.

Although, a growth of that magnitude would be nothing short of extaordinary — unless ofcourse, its been a few months since the said person last talked to people about Quora.

However, a section of users also pointed to how results from the website figure high on Google searches. But, then Google searches take the number of visitors into account, not all of which translate into monthly active users.

Relatively speaking, the website still has a long way to go. Even taking the 80 million to represent an accurate picture of Quora traffic, the website is still behind several competitors. Pinterest for example, counts a 100 million monthly actives.

Financially though, Quora appears to be on a sound footing. It has raised $141 million in venture capital till date, a significant $80 million share out of which was raised only last year in a round led by Tiger Capital.

The 80 million figure also marks a departure from Quora’s tendency of refusing to share out actual numbers.

However, as the number of people using the internet grows — and you wont believe how much potential exists in that direction — Quora’s user base is likely to increase as more and more people turn to the community for getting their doubts cleared — And lets not forget, Quora just happen to be one of the only places where you can get answers from the leading authorities on some, if not all subjects.


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