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Google Launches Two New Ad-Products To Help Brands Better Customer Engagement


Google has announced two new ad products, namely Customer Match and Universal App Campaigns in order to strengthen its foothold in display and mobile ads market which is currently dominated by Facebook (according to eMarketer, Facebook with $6.8 billion display ad revenues this year is way ahead of Google with $3.5 billion revenues.)

And for this, it may have taken a leaf or two out of Facebook itself, as its new product Customer Match allows advertisers to upload the email addresses of their customers and see the signed in users on all the Google platforms such as Search, Gmail, YouTube, etc and target their ads to these specific audience who will be interested in those ads. This is quite similar to the program which Facebook introduced way back in 2012 under the name of Custom Audience ads which since then have become quite popular among ad marketers.

Advertisers will also be able to create Similar Audiences to reach out to new customers on the basis of their current audience on platforms like YouTube. In a blog post announcing the recent developments, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President of Ads and Commerce at Google wrote, 

With Customer Match, your brand is right there, with the right message, at the moment your customer is most receptive. Only Google can help you do this to delight your most loyal customers in the moments that truly matter.

The second announcement is related to app installation ads, which are perhaps the most common ads on mobile. Universal Ad Campaigns will now be made available to all developers and advertisers as a new AdWords campaign type that will help them to connect with app users across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network (GDN).

Using this, one can promote his/her new app across these Google  platforms, for instance; driving installations on YouTube and reach specific audiences across 650K apps and 2M+ websites in the GDN. The post gave an example of new app related to adventure game and further read,

Universal App Campaigns tap into intent-rich searches like “adventure games” and “puzzle games” that are happening throughout the day on Google Search and Google Play so your app can be seen when people are looking to download something new.

In similar developments in the ad world, Facebook also introduced a series of new ad products among which a major one was related to measuring the performance of Facebook Video ads against the television ads with the help of feature called Total Rating Point. It has also introduced some more methods to measure brand awareness and which will enable the brands to measure their mobile ad campaign effectiveness with the help of user polls.



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