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One Touch Response App Is Your Personal Security Force For Those Unfortunate Emergency Situations

In a country like India where crime rate especially and ironically in the capital Delhi seems to show no signs of decreasing, there is a dire need of concrete safety measures and solutions. Although the Government is doing or rather claims to be doing everything possible to ensure safety of its citizens, it is clear that they are not enough and people may need more than that.

However, when it comes to the alternative solution of using personal guards and security systems, common people cannot afford them and hence they are usually limited to the upper segments of society.

Keeping this need in mind and after the tragic Nirbhaya incident in 2012, serial entrepreneur Arvind Khanna conceived the idea of company called One Touch Response along with Arunjit Sodhi .The company has launched India’s first mobile based private security force in order to provide personal safety and assistance to people at the time of emergencies.

One Touch Response is a technology driven personal safety and assistance service which provides Immediate Assistance and First Response services to its customers whenever they are faced with any real life situation involving personal safety or situations where they require assistance.

These situations can range from general problems such as a flat tire in the middle of night to more immediate problems such as a case of a stranger following you or emergency medical needs at odd hours at night.

One Touch Response app offers a single point of contact for all these situations related to personal safety monitoring, managing physical threats, road accidents, and medical emergencies or on road assistance. It uses globally tested & proven technology, procedures and systems.

The system also has national level safety tracking and connectivity to verified resources, to help people in distress, across 1000+ towns and cities in India.

Command Control Centre (C3) and First Response Teams(FRTs)

Command Control Centre (C3) and First Response Teams(FRTs) form the core part of the One Touch Response app. Command and Control Center (C3) is the first point of contact for subscribers and provides tracking services, safety check-ins and immediate on call assistance to those in distress 24×7, 365 days a year.

Incident Managers at these centres have proven expertise in crisis management, including safety and precautionary measures. They provide assurance to clients and in the times of trouble assess the gravity of a crisis and guide subscribers to make rational decisions.

The second core feature of OTR is the First Response Teams (FRT’s), which reach the subscribers within a few minutes. They are scrambled automatically by the inbuilt technology system from their vantage points across the NCR (Delhi,Gurgaon,Noida). Positioned and patrolling is strategically done so that they are usually just a few minutes away from almost any location.

The First Response Teams (FRTs) are trained in self-defence, first aid and evacuation techniques. They can administer CPR, tie up a bleeding, restrain an aggressor and ensure the well-being of our subscribers. They can deal with a wide range of emergencies and in coordination with the Command & Control Centre , make sure that the nearest ambulance, hospital or police station are brought in for support.

Using the One Touch Response App

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.22.39 am

Once a user registers on the website (www.onetouchresponse.com) or through the mobile app, he/she receives a username and password on email. This is used to login to the account through the OTR mobile app where subscriber can activate safe tracking services, which monitor them as they travel through unsafe areas or when travelling at odd hours. On the app dashboard, there are 5 primary buttons:

  • Main SOS button​: to initiate an alert
  • My Location Button​: to update user’s location
  • My Family button​: to send out distress messages to emergency contacts
  • Safe Call button​: Safe call is a service, where OTR team provides regular check in calls to update and ensure the user’s well-being, making it particularly ideal for women, when they are travelling alone at odd hours.
  • Notification button​: to see messages sent by OTR to the user

One can also add family members in the app as their emergency contacts who get notified in case of any critical situation. There is a settings menu from where users are recommended for checking Auto Login option so that in case of phone reboot, the app is started automatically. Through various safety packages available, the app regularly tracks the location of a user via GPS and keeps a check on the user’s’ well- being.

In the event of any threatening situation, subscribers can get connected immediately to the 24×7 Command and Control Centre (C3)with just one touch of the alarm on the app. In the meanwhile, one of the nearest First Response Teams (FRT’s), stationed strategically across the NCR, are dispatched to be by the side of the subscriber within minutes.

What makes OTR different?

There are many security applications in the market these days, majority of them however are just limited to triggering an alert to listed emergency contact during any emergency. While that in itself is definitely useful to an extent, OTR goes a step ahead and actually provides crucial assistance at the time of need, in addition to sending alerts to emergency contacts.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.22.54 am

In addition to it, unlike high profile services of personal guards and security agencies, OTR offers its package of services starting at an affordable $5 (INR 330 apprx.) a month, making it ideal for common people.

In addition to the emergency situations, OTR also provides services such as House Checks ​to monitor and ensure the home/office/shop safety measures on a daily basis; Guard Multiplier/ Replacement services to shops and establishments which require additional cover/ protection in times of trouble and Pan India ‘On-call’ Assistance ​services through its Command and Control Centre which supports 3 way conferencing anytime anywhere across a well-researched and verified database of third parties/ resources such as contacts of local police, hospitals, taxi services and fire stations etc. for over 1000 cities in India.

OTR is developed using proprietary technology based on open source platform and has a team of qualified engineers and developers who continuously improve and bring new changes to the system. The company is bootstrapped at present and is looking to raise 5 million USD. It currently offers its services in Delhi-NCR region and is planning to expand the services in the cities of Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Bangalore.



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