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China’s Apus Joins Hands With InMobi, To Explore Possibilities Of A Joint Venture In India

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Chinese app maker Apus has now tied up with Mobile advertising firm InMobi in a bid to enter the Indian market, which currently houses the second most rapidly growing population of smartphone users.

The deal gives InMobi the right to advertise to exclusively to almost 25 million Apus users in India for a period of 2 years. The company will also receive first rights to the Apus’ global advertising inventory as a consequence of the deal.

As InMobi CEO Naveen Tewari, who seemed quite pleased with the deal, said in an interview to ET,

We are doing a deep strategic partnership in India involving product collaboration, market access, helping them hire and build a brand and it could even become a joint venture between Apus Global and InMobi,

Further adding that,

We think this has huge potential. The second part of the collaboration is that outside India where we will help Apus monetize in the global markets,

Apus has set its eyesight towards getting 300 million users by the end of this year and 500 million users by the end of 2016, 80 million of which are expected to come from the Indian subcontinent. Towards this somewhat ambitious goal, it has recently raised $116 Million of funding from investors out of which, $15 Million will be directed towards its operations in India.

As per Tao Li, Founder and CEO, Apus,

The cooperation will include local brand building, user base growth, monetization and relevant product technology. Both sides are exploring co-operation on captive level,

Laying further stress to InMobi’s hints towards a possible joint venture in the future.

While this sort of partnership is nothing new for InMobi, considering that it has recently tied up with companies such as Dell Inc and Paytm in deals that provide mutual benefits, Apus has joined the ranks of Chinese newcomers, that are eyeing India as the next hot destination to market their goods and services.

InMobi CEO, Naveen Tiwari also remarked on the phenomenon of increasing collaborations between Indian and Chinese Tech companies, stating that,

Of the three largest Internet markets, the US, India and China, you will increasingly see Indian and Chinese companies partner,



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