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Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2015 Along With Updates To Its .NET Framework

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Microsoft has finally released the Visual Studio 2015 integrated development environment (IDE) together with an update to its .NET framework, which has been in anticipation by the dev community since last year.

With the release of VS 2015, Visual Studio Community and Visual Studio Code — both of which have seen millions of downloads in a period of only a few months — have also been on the receiving end of important new updates, the latter being a stand-alone code editor for Windows, Mac and Linux.


A cross-platform tool set is certainly good news, considering that it will allow developers to target all the popular platforms from a single place. Developers can build mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms using in-trend languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and can also put their C++ skills to test and employ it to make components for Windows apps.

The developers have teamed up with Xamarin to target iOS and Android and the new visual studio comes with a built-in android emulator to test the apps you have made.

Not only does the new Visual studio incorporate C# 6 and VB.NET 12 but also has improved support for C++, TypeScript and Python and offers a bunch of additional tools such as an improved .Net compiler that points out errors in the program as it’s being typed.

What’s more important, the new Visual studio offers way better integration with other Microsoft services such as Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server allowing for ease of deployment and monitoring.

All in all, there is a lot to praise in the new Visual studio. Better language integration, improved IDE, compiler enhancements and the extreme portability across app development for different platforms — all combine to make VS 2015, one of the best app development environments out there.

The software giant has brought down the number of variants of the software from three to two. Instead of the Ultimate, Pro and Premium versions of Studio 2013, Studio 2015 comes as Enterprise and Pro versions — which have been priced at $5,999 and $1,199 respectively. A less expensive, non-subscription version of Visual Studio — VS Professional — will be provided to users for $499 while a free, community edition is also available.

Although Visual Studio 2015 is up for sale now, Team Foundation server 2015 — the online service for its development teams — has been put on hold and will be active in its candidate release mode until next month.

As part of its app launch, Microsoft in collaboration with Humanitarian Toolbox, committed to kick off VS 2015 by writing a real world app to help communities after disasters, that is now available on GitHub as an open source project.


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