Wikipedia Fights Against Revoking Of ‘Freedom of Panorama Act’ In Europe


World’s most profound and open source knowledge centre Wikipedia currently appears to be in a state of war against European authorities for revoking “Freedom of Panaroma”  and banning use of photos taken in public places.

Freedom of Panaroma is a provision that allows Wikipedia to use imagery of public places across Europe for free while still protecting the artist’s rights. This is an exception to copyright that grants people right to make and use photographs of public spaces without restriction.

However, European authorities seem to bent towards revoking this provision any soon. Once revoked, around tens of thousands of images embedded in articles about buildings, art and other public places will be required to be taken down, and might make a big mess on the entire web. All those web entities relying on Wikipedia’s source of images will have to seek a way out when all of those images will be taken down.

Wikipedia has published a set of images that show what Europe would look like online if the proposed changes take hold. Also, it is seeking public’s help to fight against the authorities plan to revoke the provision and has requested to contact MEPs by email, phone or visit their constituencies.


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