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Oculus VR Opens Up For Consumers later This Year, Shipping Starts Q1 2016

Yes you heard it right. While Oculus did announce its first virtual reality headset will hit the market as a full consumer product only in Q1’2016, it has now confirmed that before that, the VR startup is going to deliver its first consumer product, the Gear VR Unit with Samsung later this year.

Rumours regarding the launch by this year’s end have been circling since March, when Oculus CTO John Carmack gave us hints for the same. Carmack had then said-

The official formal strategy is that Oculus goes big, full consumer on Samsung’s next release cycle.

With Oculus and Samsung already offering Gear VR Innovator Edition headsets aimed at developers and selected enthusiasts with Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Note 4 handsets, it was widely speculated that a consumer gear VR Unit in conjunction with Samsung is on cards, as mentioned by Oculus CTO John Carmack in March.

In the latest interview given by Oculus VP of Product, Nate Mitchell at TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY, he confirmed this news but remained mum about which Samsung device would receive the gear, probably to keep the last bit of surprise element intact.

Oculus Rift, the now Facebook-backed Virtual Reality startup founded in 2012, has been widely regarded as a game-changer to completely transform the world of virtual reality. The startup has managed to garner immense popularity, specially amongst gaming enthusiasts ever since it created ripples with $2.4 Miliion crowdfunding at Kickstarter to start making its Developer editions of its Oculus VR Gaming headset.

After its $2 billion acquisition by Facebook, the hype around VR got even more intensified with the vision of Mark Zuckerberg to extend the Virtual reality concept to other applications as well.

These latest developments surely indicate that the world of virtual reality is going to be within the reach of consumers very soon. It is just a beginning though, in virtual reality segment with other companies catching on pretty fast, the most noteworthy of them being Microsoft with its latest Hololens technology and Sony with Project Morpheus for Playstation 4.



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