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Microsoft Found Guilty For Infringing Patent Rights, May Face Import Ban In US


In what could come as a major blow to Microsoft, the company, with its own history of a large number of lawsuits, may now face an import ban in the US over its phones due to a patent infringement lawsuit filed against it.

This comes following a judgment by US International Trade Commission on Monday, which found Microsoft using InterDigital Inc’s technology in its smart phones without permission. The court thus found Microsoft violating two patents. The ITC Judge Theodore Essex was quoted saying

it would not be against the public interest to ban the Microsoft devices from being imported into the United States

indicating towards a probable import ban.

However the decision is yet to be reviewed by full commission before any ban is enacted. The technology in question, is speculated to be about a handset’s power to reduce signal interference and is developed by Interdigital Inc, a renowned wireless technology firm which deals with many companies and provides them with their expertise in wireless technologies. The Microsoft phones under allegations were originally made by Nokia and were first subjected to complaint in 2007.

Nokia however, was originally cleared of charges but US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit overturned the decision and sent it back to ITC in 2012. Since Microsoft has now taken over Nokia’s handset and services division, it has come under the picture for infringement of patents.

On one hand Microsoft sounded quite positive in its official statement post Monday’s judgement,

We have a successful track record challenging patent assertion entities that misuse industry standards,

However, InterDigital Executive Vice President Lawrence Shey expected to have “continued discussion” with Microsoft and Nokia over licensing its patents.

The final decision by full commission is expected to come up in August 2015.